Mr. Subhash Gupta

Secretary, Vikalangula Kalyana Vedika



TTC, NIVH TTC (Dehradun)

Computer knowledge:

Basic computer knowledge using JAWS and can operate Microsoft Office, Word, Excel.

Work Experience:

1992-Andhra Bank, worked as receipt clerk/cashier

1994-Present, telephone operator in Andhra Bank zonal office, Koti, Hyderabad

Social Activities:

Arya Vysya Sangham, Executive Councel Member.

Being visually challenged himself, started an organization called “Vikalangula Kalyana Vedika” ( This is started by him in 2000 for 15 girls, all visually challenged. Once the girls growup, he made sure that they would get proper education, and get self sustained by getting job and gets settled in life by getting married. In this process, Mr. Subhash Gupta has performed marriages of visually challenged youth, and started giving employment opportinities by enterprenurship by youth by selling candles, incandescent sticks, etc. Initially the home was started in a rental premises in HUDA colony, and then eventually have their own premises with own building accommodating, 20 boys, 25 girls all visually challenged. 223 Sq. Yds, with two floors ground for girls home and first floor for boys and computer lab.

Boys home started in 2010. In the mean time, started paper plates making machine. All the money that comes through selling the products made, would be used for the home inmates only as their pocket money, education and development activities.

So far, Subhash Gupta has conducted 33 marriages (of all castes including). He has also made sure that all the inmates got jobs (about 42 jobs total) in various fields like clrecical, officers, and teaching, and attender, junior assistant kind of jobs. Some in banks, schools and other state and central govt employment also.

V4U (We for You) is another part of VKV, started in 2012 by the visually challenged youth of VKV with the support of Mr. Subhash Gupta. They initially started with supplying note books, text books, uniforms for needy children from various govt schools. They aslo started orphanage home for girls and boys also at the same time (20 girls, 10 boys).

Training cum production center started in 2011, by the organization which helps in producing paper plates, perfumes, agarbatti, key chains, phenyl, soaps, dish washing and clothe washing powders etc. Computer lab/unit with 4 computers and 1 laptop for visually challenged to get trained in JAWS. Most of the youth and inmates know all kinds of musical instruments (Swara Sankalpam of Vikalangula Kalyana Vedika), keyboard, pads, tabla, dolak, khongho, guitar, etc

Mr. Subhash Gupta takes development classes for all youth and visually challenged every Saturday and gives motivational speeches and classes.

Every year, 13th and 14th Dec, Blind Cricket Committee (started by VKV) conduct cricket tournament for visually challenged. Since 2012, these cricket tournment have been conducted and prizes have been distributed to the winners. There are other sports like kabadi, kho-kho, chess are also played and competitions organized by the visually challenged inmates of VKV under the guidance of Mr. Subhash Gupta.

As a non-profit charitable organization themselves for visually challened, they have made several donations towards disaster relief and especially in the recent Vizag Hud Hud cyclone, VKV donated to Andhra University for relief Rs. 21,000. During the Kurnool floods time, they donated gas stoves etc. They also supported the suicide victims in Saroor nagar lake. Supported their familes. They also suppor few poor students (Btech and other courses) and handicapped students from outside states and Hyderabad like few in Mumbai, AP etc.