Vikalangula Kalyana Vedika (VKV) is an organization run by Mr. Subhash Gupta, who himself is Visually Challenged, runs separate homes for visually challenged girls (presently 35) and boys (presently 35). He works in Andhra Bank and most of his income, local donations from his friends and others is helping the organization run. The main objective of the organization is to make the visually challenged students (girls or boys) self empowered by making them learn various skills and getting proper education and compete equally with any other.

There are quite a few success stories where the students from VKV have achieved bank and clerical jobs, started their own businesses and some of them even got married and settled in their lives.

There are music band, paper plates making machines, agarbathi (incense sticks by the name of Nethradaan), key chains, perfumes, and several such articles made by these students and sold/performed at various occasions. This in fact, makes them get not only their pocket money, but recently have started using the money for purposes of helping other needy people like helping traffic police with pollution masks, drinking water supply in summers, food for destitute and abandoned.